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Bathroom mold and how to prevent it

bathroom mold removal toronto

Mold issues in the bathroom are common. Mold loves moisture and a bathroom is the perfect environment for it to grow. Moisture can sip into moldings, cracks, electrical outlets and find the perfect conditions to grow. Mold and mildew can be harmful to your health and trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Mold also can create damage to wood building materials as wood makes the perfect food for mold to grow.

If you are already dealing with mold growth then it is best to hire a professional mold removal company, like GTARestoration, for mold remediation, testing for harmful mold and removal of affected areas.

How do I prevent mold to grow in my bathroom?

bathroom mold ventilationPreventing mold to grow has a lot to do with your bathroom ventilation system. Depending how big your bathroom is the strength of your bathroom fan and its ability to remove moisture quickly and allow a short drying period. When choosing a bathroom ventilation fan you should figure out how many cfm (air flow capacity) for the size of your bathroom. The rule is that you need 1 cfm for every square foot.

Nowdays you have a large selection of bathroom ventilation fans to choose. Some of them are equipped with motion activation lights, humidity sensors and can be used in a shower enclosure also.

Besides choosing the right ventilation fan you also have to make sure that the fan is properly vented. The bathroom vent should lead all the way to the outside of your house. If the exhaust  leads in the ceiling  joists or to the attic then you risk having mold grow in places that are hard to detect and remove.

Having a heated flooring element under your tiles can also radically reduce moisture and humidity in your bathroom. The warm tiles quickly dries water and moisture so mold doesn’t have the chance to grow. If you are interested in having a heated floor system installed in your bathroom give ProTile Installers a call for a free consultation: 416-937-8115


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