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Real Estate: Tips for a Kitchen Renovation as an Investment


Renovating the home whether to sell it or improve your life style, there are plenty of benefits. But too much of a good thing can be overdone. When you decide to renovate, consider key areas in the home to assess before hiring a professional. A home makeover might not be necessary.

In most home renovations, especially for a resell, kitchen renovations is at the top of the list. In fact, according to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, there is a 75-100% return on investment if you renovate just this one room.

Kitchens in previous generations, were untouched for 20-30 years before remodeling. In today’s housing market, especially with the influence of renovation and home television shows, buyers expect more in a kitchen than your mother’s green stove from the 1970’s. It’s not uncommon, especially, to have a kitchen remodel after 5 years or so. The trends in kitchens change faster than before – new colours, cabinetry, paint, countertops and technological advances in appliances – so though the green stove may be in tact, it’s about time for some stainless steel!

When considering a kitchen reno, think about the trends and how you’d like to implement them into your own kitchen. Here are some things to consider:

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Most renovated homes today no longer have eat in kitchens. The fast pace work life of families eating at different times, or even a home for couples, a kitchen that leads into a living/dining room is more common. Home owners who enjoy entertaining, find it beneficial to have a kitchen that is open to the dining area. And as there is a growing number of foodies in North America, cooking behind closed doors is a past time.


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Though laminate countertops has its place and is more affordable than higher end materials, the current trend is quartz. Granite you thought? No, quartz. Made of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz is the most durable material to use for your counter top. And unlike granite, which is mined for that ‘perfect’ slab, quartz is engineered in a factory and there is a variety of styles to choose from. Another benefit is that it’s engineered with polyester resins (95% quartz, 5% resin) which increases its durability and make them stain and scratch resistant. Quartz also doesn’t have hairline fractures like granite, so if a guest spills red wine on quartz, no sweat, it’s easy to clean!



Trends include floor to ceiling cabinetry, which gives the illusion of height and grandeur in your kitchen, glass doors instead of wood to show off your fine pottery or china. But the one thing most people desire other than the aesthetics is a kitchen that is well utilized!

Your kitchen would be very efficient if it included a lazy Susan twenty years ago. Today’s innovative storage options make Susan look literally lazy! Pullout trays or narrower drawers would replace those old faux face fronts from the ‘90s. Kitchen cabinets and drawers now conceal custom features. Holders for recycling and garbage bins, racks to accommodate dried and canned goods are well designed for efficiency! Cabinets are strategically designed to utilize every nook and cranny of your kitchen. So now your cookie trays don’t need to live in your oven.

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An island would be a beautiful addition and design piece to your kitchen. This multipurpose feature can provide additional storage underneath and a countertop to prepare meals. By the evening, chairs can be added to have homey meals with the family.


A cabinet or island that is different in colour or wood doesn’t have to stand out like a sore thumb. In fact, it can break the monotony in the kitchen. Much like a patterned shirt, your eye moves around and is never bored. Trends include upper and lower cabinets in different complimentary colours and hutch or range hood in a different wood or metal. Choose one or two items and make it a pivotal design piece. Your kitchen will be a sight for sore eyes.



Showing off the newest stainless steel appliances still has its place, but concealing some is in vogue. Today’s appliances are more intelligent, with hundreds of features, and are very attractive. But they don’t necessarily steal the show. Fridges are now often concealed with matching cabinetry to maintain a cohesive look in a kitchen.

The kitchen is heart of the home. It’s where friends and families grow. They eat together, laugh together and cry together. It’s a room for homework time, coffee time or tea time. So renovate where the heart beats. Your family (or investors) will love you for it.



guinevere_puraGuinevere Pura, is a real estate photographer and home stager. A photographer and photographic artist for nearly 15 years, her photographic portfolio includes formal photographic training at York University, over 10 group art exhibitions including festivals, and 3 solo exhibitions. Former Mayor David Miller had purchased one of her work. As a home stager she acquired a diploma in Visual Merchandising at Seneca College. Notable retailers and organizations she worked for was Holt Renfrew, Andrew’s in Yorkville, Stratford Theatre, the Design Exchange, The City of Toronto and the Brick.

Her multidisciplinary background inspired her to open FOCI, a property photography and home staging service.

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